Pembrokeshire Coast Walk 1. Amroth to Saundersfoot Harbour

Amroth is a start point for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail which was opened in 1970. The majority of the trail is within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park an outstandingly beautiful area and Britain’s only coastal National Park.


This first section, our very first ‘Short walk on a long path’ is a very easy going ‘there and back’ route heading westwards as far as Saundersfoot Harbour. It’s 3 miles of coast path, so 6 miles out and back.

The walk starts from the main road through the village with views over the pebble banks and wide sands of Amroth beach.

There are a small number of shops and pubs, ideal amenities if you want to start your day with something to set you on your way. Our attention on this first stretch was drawn to a new steel fish shaped sculpture Bertie the Bass, installed earlier in the summer of 2018 on Amroth seafront.

Bertie the Bass at Amroth

The sculpture is filled with plastic litter to raise awareness of the plastics pollution issue and to publicise Pembrokeshire’s Clean Seas pledge to “turn the tide on plastic”. It’s a very important environmental message and good on the organisers for a great project.

As the tide was out we walked down over the pebbles onto Amroth’s impressive wide sandy beach, before we headed westwards towards Wisemans Bridge. Here’s the Wiseman’s Bridge Inn, with a large outside terrace area and great views across the bay. It’s early in the day so we decided to carry on and to call in here for a drink on the return walk.

The coast path follows the top of the sea defence wall, over an old stone bridge and then joins a white railed pathway above the beach and rocks with views back across the bay and to Amroth.


This path follows an old coal tramline , a relic of victorian industrial times for moving coal from long gone local collieries to the harbour at Saundersfoot. The tramway now provides a good level footpath for an easy walk along the coastline, and there’s a good view down onto numerous rock pools along the shoreline here.

The path passes through 2 old, low and dimly lit tunnels which were originally cut through rock headlands for the tram tracks.

Coast path through old tram way tunnel

Reaching Coppet Hall Beach there’s a great view across a lovely wide bay. There’s a water sports activity centre with great facilities here, also a highly rated Coast restaurant. We had a short break near the centre, sitting on a bench overlooking the wide flat impressive golden sand beach to enjoy the view towards Tenby.0BD0C7AB-FCAC-455E-8A14-2BFB16C3E42A

We continued past Coppet Hall and going through a third tunnel we reached The Strand in Saundersfoot and onto the busy main street where there’s a range of cafes, tea rooms, a few pubs and gift shops which give the place a definite holiday feel.

Saundersfoot beach view towards Wiseman’s Bridge

A concrete pathway runs above the beach and around to the harbour area which is being redeveloped so it will be interesting to see how that progresses over time. There’s a small seafood shack in the harbour car park doing a great trade and we treated ourselves to some fresh local crab sandwiches for the return walk to Amroth. So a first short walk and 3 miles of Pembrokeshire’s coast path completed, we are on our way with just a further 183 Miles to go !

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