Pembrokeshire Coast Walk 11. Freshwater West and Angle

This walk covered the coast path and countryside of the Angle Peninsula in South Pembrokeshire. We completed this walk in March 2019 on a weekend of fine blue sky spring weather, perfect conditions for a coastal walk.

Our start point was the beach car park at West Angle Bay which is situated at the end of the road through Angle village. This walk was done as a circular route and we followed the coast path in the direction of Freshwater West.

The path starts out across fields with a gentle climb until reaching the ruins of an old military lookout ‘East Blockhouse’. From here and further along the coastline are magnificent views of the dramatic cliff scenery and the many small bays which are a feature along this section. A highlight here was a great sighting of a peregrine falcon in full flight and display.



The walk becomes challenging in parts with the undulating landscape meaning a few hillclimbs and descents, even a scramble in one section as you pass a number of inlets and bays. It’s a very enjoyable walk though even if a stretch for the calf muscles!



As the path approaches Freshwater West there are superb views offered by the high vantage point of the magnificent wide beach and rolling waves, famous for their appeal to dedicated surfers.

Freshwater West beach

After a short break at the beach we followed the path back through the sand dunes and then inland and uphill across lovely countryside fields, reaching the ridge which overlooks Angle Bay.

The Rocket Cart House, Angle

We passed the local landmark building ‘The Rocket Cart House’ and followed a country lane downhill to join the coast path where it trails around East Angle Bay.  We took in a lunch stop at an old pub dating from the 16th century, The Old Point House Inn, enjoying a drink and taking in the view from the garden overlooking Angle bay.

The Old Point House
View over Angle Bay

Back on the coast path trail we headed along field tops overlooking the Milford Haven waterway to complete a circular route to West Angle Bay. There’s a fine view of Thorn Island, which has a Victorian era fort and looks like a film setting for a Bond villain!

Thorn Island Fort

This walk was recorded on the Relive app, the first time I had used it on a coast walk. The app offers map tracking and links to photos taken on route.

Click on the link below for video of route. This walk covered 18.34 km of the Angle Peninsular



2 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire Coast Walk 11. Freshwater West and Angle

  1. Cato

    Another fascinating walk. Apart from the usual spectacular scenery, the interesting thing about this quite long walk was the unusual selection of buildings – including the pub of course.
    Sighting of a peregrine is always a treat although they are moving into towns and cities now. Marvellous stuff Rich as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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